Floater cum trowel blades

Floater bladesWe are manufacturer and supplier of high-quality floater blade for floater machine used in industrial RCC construction. The floater cum trowel blade which is also known as trimming/trimix blade are made out of high quality precision special material.

Looking to the rapidly growing construction material and equipment demand, such floater machines are in high demand for faster RCC flooring work. This machine requires metal blades with high quality for long lasting use. We, M/s Hemani Barkatali Mamadbhai have been producing the blades since last 10 years.

As per our testing and our customer’s feedback, our floater blade can last long upto 40,000 square feet of usage. Where as a normal floater blade / trimming blade which is currently available into the market are made of MS material and can be used for 10,000 square feet of maximum usage.

The Concrete Slab Trowel Machine Blade works with most troweling machines and floater machines of various sizes and brands. Since trowel blades by design are the first component of a power trowel to require replacement, they can conveniently be rented separately. The rotating motion of blades against abrasive concrete slabs makes wear inevitable, so these high-quality blades ensure the longest life possible.

Specification details

Available size:
a. 183 mm X 305 mm X 1.6 mm
b. 190 mm X 305 mm X 2.0 mm

High precision metal produced using special treatment.

Very reliable quality:

a. Fit and forget it!!! It is made of heavy duty material.
b. Very less chances to break while in operation like ordinary MS blades
c. Very less chances of wears and tears.

Very high durability:

a. This blade lasts upto 5 times more than MS blades. (It saves your money and precious time.)
b. Ordinary MS blades lasts hardly upto 10,000 sqft. (More money and time consuming.)

This blade fits in all major power float / trowel / trimming machines.

Other Notes:

  • Blades are manufactured by special treatmented high precision metel with high abrasive resistance.
  • Blade bars machined to fine tolerance and blade base rivet holes cut and countersunk to ensure perfect blade assembly every time.
  • We have done rigid quality control for consistent supply.
  • Blades are ready to fit almost major trowel machines.
  • Blade performance are approximately 40,000 ti 50,000 square feet.
  • Finish blades offered in two versions – Pro Fine Finish & Pro Long Life.

Kindly contact us for more information about HBM brand floater / trimming / Trimix blade, power floater blade or also known as troaler cum floater blade.