Protection to Eyes

Protection to Eyes

They are an absolute must when you are welding. Whether you are Mig, Tig or Arc welding. With out a welding helmet, there would be no way that you could look at the extremly bright welding arc.

The welding helmet will dull the bright welding arc right down so that all you see is the most concentrated welding arc, and the welding puddle. This will allow you to see what you are doing.

Originaly the first style of helmets that came out where a simple flip up, flip down type. With those welding helmets you had to flip the filter lense down each time you wanted to weld. Then you would be protected from the welding arc.

The older style helmets can be a real “pain in bottom” becasue of this constant flipping of the lense up and down.
If that is all you have to use then it will be fine. But if you really want to start getting your welds looking better you really should go and buy a decent auto helmet. Once you use one you will never go back.
Why? Cause every time I go to start the weld, I flip the lense down and I lose my starting position. Those of you who have one of these non automatic helmets will know what I mean.
If you are out in the daylight sun, it isn’t too bad as you can see the work to some extent.
The difference between a flip down helmet and an auto darkening welding helmet are like night and day. Easier, faster and quicker to use.
At the top you can see the solar panel. This will activate the auto lense when you strike an arc. Automatically!

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